The EMPIRE & Beyond

Inspired by the places and history of MidCoast Maine, welcome to the fictional town of Shoreton.

In The EMPIRE, history will not be forgotten…or silenced.

Darcy’s mother may be dead, but that doesn’t stop her mother from trying to warn her that trouble is brewing.

For weeks Darcy Adams has been haunted in her dreams by her mother and images of her hometown; past and present. The dreams make no sense until a frantic phone call from her father in the middle of the night confirms what her mother has been trying to tell her. Shoreton is in trouble.

Compelled by the desperation in her father’s voice and her mother’s warnings, Darcy travels across the country to the quaint coastal town she left behind years ago only to find it in a state of upheaval. The state plans to make changes that could doom the town, leaving the residents in a bitter conflict between those who crave progress and those determined to preserve their heritage.

Meanwhile Darcy’s dreams are becoming increasingly realistic and disturbing. There is more to the problems in town than meets the eye, as unexplainable encounters with strange people begin to occur. While searching for the connection, Darcy discovers a shocking secret confirming her ties to the future of the town, forcing her to delve not only into the town’s past, but her own. Faced with a history she thought buried in her past, Darcy discovers that sometimes moving forward means looking back.

After the Empire – Darcy & Will is a companion novella of The Empire. Darcy Adams has returned to California, but her mystical dreams of Shoreton have not subsided, but they are now much more personal.  Will Martin and Eddie Barrett were both very important to Darcy at different times in her life, and both are connected to painful memories, yet Darcy is drawn to both.  Confused about her feelings for these men, now entwined in her life again, Darcy must confront her feelings when dreams and reality collide.

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