Random Recipes

Welcome to Random Recipes! As the name suggests, in this section we’ll explore recipes and all things related to cooking and baking.  I enjoy cooking. I treat it as a creative process. I do that in part, by not stressing out about it – unless you burn something beyond recognition, or over use an ingredient, I’ve found there’s very few things that aren’t edible. They might not be what you set out to cook, but with a little imagination and creativity they can be salvaged into something. I chalk those experiences up under the heading of “Live and Learn”. And sometimes those creations turn out to be better than what I originally had in mind, and I chalk those up under the heading of “Creative Genius”!
I’ve never been one to do things by the book. Cooking is no exception. I love looking at cookbooks and recipes.  When I get a hankering for something that I’ve never made before, I research. I research my cookbooks, I go online and look at recipes, and then I do it MY way. I take ideas and ingredients from many different recipes and cobble together an initial recipe that will be a guideline. As I’m cooking and testing, I adjust amounts, and sometimes even add additional ingredients, taking notes as I go. I’ll be sharing some of those recipes here along with other kitchen and cooking related adventures. 
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