The Adventures of Catriona Allorn



Hello Fellow Space Travelers…

Catriona and crew are still off on their adventures…I hope to catch up with them soon! I got hijacked by other projects and my some adventures of my own, which have given me fresh perspective. I have come to the realization that I have not done justice to their story. I’m still a novice at trying to capture and accurately describe all the excitement and trouble this crew gets into. So, please bear with me while I go back and review my notes. In the meantime, please take a look around the rest of this website and check out some of my own personal adventures.



Episode One

Catriona woke with a staving headache and a mouth that felt like it was full of sand from the deserts of Rynor. Even choking down Jypsen’s disgusting, but effective, cure-all tea last night before passing out had not helped. Served her right, trying to match Togar drink for drink, and with Valharlian ale to boot. She looked around her quarters for a water bottle or any kind of liquid that would coat her parched mouth. Nothing. That meant she would have to leave her quarters, and cross through the common area to the galley. She was hoping she could do this without seeing anyone. She just wanted to grab a drink and get back into her cozy bed, and sleep off the throbbing in her head.  She ran her hands through her long dark hair, smoothing it while gathering it into a ponytail, and securing it with a band from her wrist.  She threw on a pair of soft, loose fitting pants, and headed to the door, hitting the manual override button. She slid the door open just a crack. She quickly scanned the common area that included the galley. Just as she hoped, all looked quiet.Pulling the door open just wide enough to get out, she stepped into the common area.  The only sounds she heard were the quiet hum of the ship and the soft whir of the refrigeration unit in the galley.

The common area of the United Transgalactic Freighter, Stellar Amaris, had a homey feel.  The Excursion DeLuxe style space freighter was designed with the comfort of the long hauler in mind. It was outfitted much like a home, and could be configured to accommodate up to four separate living quarters, plus additional crew quarters. The common area was an open floor plan. It had a dining table near the galley, and several comfortable chairs and a sofa, arranged as a sitting area facing a large video screen. Catriona had grown up on this ship, which at that time had been called, the Stellar Aris. During her childhood, her family had lived a very transient lifestyle, travelling wherever in the galaxy there was work. Sometimes they would be travelling in space for months at a time, and other times they would settle in a colony for awhile and do short runs.

She missed those early years with her family. It was hard to believe that she had not seen them in over twelve years. She had been thirteen years old the horrific night that she saw her parents killed, and her brothers captured, at the hands of the evil warlord Gatsun Tzrei and his men. She had narrowly escaped capture herself. That night began the journey that had led her to where she was now, Captain of the Stellar Amaris, and her motley crew.

She had just about reached the galley when she felt a body crashing down on her, pinning her to the floor.

“Dammit Stengo! ”  Catriona pushed up and rolled over tucking her legs in so that she could push the brute off her. She heard a low laugh that was more like a growl as Stengo sprang off her, squaring off, ready to spar.  She looked up at him, poised to strike the moment she moved.  His green eyes sparkled with challenge, the red crest on his head bristling.

Ugh, she thought. That’s just what I need, a big kitty that wants to play.

“What’s the matter? Your head hurt?”  Stengo teased.