NaNo and New Projects – It’s All About Balance

As November approaches, and my calendar is on the verge of being jam packed with NaNo, and all things writing for thirty days, I find myself seeking some balance.This is when I feel compelled to add some non-writing related projects. I find this usually helps my writing projects too. Creativity in different formats, but at their core, all connected to me and how my creative process works.  

During gardening season, part of my creative focus is on turning the bounty of my harvest into something. This September, as I harvested grapes, I decided to make wine. This is my second attempt. We’ll see what happens. Every year, as Fall approaches,  I find myself automatically thinking about alcohol based projects. In past years, in addition to wine, I’ve made hard apple cider, kahlua, bourbon creme to name a few. Maybe it’s instinctual – preparations for the long, cold winter ahead, or maybe it’s my love of entertaining, especially around the holidays. Either way, I’ve started a new project.

This project is all about cranberries. The other day, on impulse, I bought two bags of fresh cranberries. I had in my mind that I wanted to make cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving and a cranberry apple chutney. Somewhere in the middle of all that I went a little cranberry crazy and decided to add a cranberry beverage, and here we are. I’m making a cranberry infused vodka. After doing a little research I decided to try it using two different processes – one using raw cranberries, some of which have been crushed, and some that I chopped up. The other was to cook the cranberries until they popped. Equal amounts of sugar were added to both. Vodka was added and voila! Below is what I’ve started. 

20151025_103636 - Edited

Check back at the beginning of December to check out the results and get the review.

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    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing if there is a difference between using raw or semi cooked berries….I’ll find out at the end of the month.

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